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Horizontal Flaskless Moulding Line

Horizontal Flaskless Moulding Line

Short Description:

SF horizontal parting and flask-striped shooting-squeezing molding line adopt the sand shooting, with horizontal parting, slip flask and weight.

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Product Detail:

SF horizontal parting and flask-striped shooting-squeezing molding line adopt the sand shooting, with horizontal parting, slip flask and weight. Easy core setting, easy operation, high automation, the molding lines are widely used in mass-production for small-sized castings. The whole line consist of molding machine, sand conveyor line, slip flask and weight taking and droping device, indexing transport and cushioning device, synchronous cooling belt, pouring machine, etc.

Horizontal flaskless moulding line

Characteristics :

●Easy for core setting

●Easy for operating

●High degree of automation widely used in batch production of small castings

Consisting of :

mainframe, sand moulding

transfer line, jacket transfer device, pushing device, synchronous cooling belt, pouring system, etc.


Typical layout


Main Machine

Molding machine

SF and ST series molding machines are provided according to customer products


SF Horizontal flaskless moulding machine

●Connecting and pushing mechanism

●Rotation platform

●Compacting mechanism

●Hydraulic system

●Pneumatic control system

●Electronic control system


Auxiliary machinery

1. Device for pushing and cushioning & pallet car transport mechanism:

Consisting of

  • Frame and track
  • Transfer car
  • Push and cushioning mechanism
  • Locating for pallet car
  • Drive system

2. Jacket &weight transferring device :

Consisting of

  • Manipulator
  • lifting gear
  • transfer device
  • cleaning device
  • main body frame
  • Walking mode can adopt different ways such as motor, air cylinder, oil cylinder, etc. Lifting can adopt cylinder, oil cylinder two ways

3. Mold pushing device

For pushing the cooled mold to a shakeout machine to separate the casting from the sand (automatic operation)

main body frame

Pushing device,oil cylinder, cylinder, motor three kinds of way can be chosen.


  4.locating mechanism

Used for the positioning of the pallet car  to achieve accurate control of the whole line.

Consisting of

Air cylinder

Limit device

Valve & electronic control system


5. Pallet car travelling trail system

Consisting of

  • 12kg light rail
  • Light rail  splint
  • Reinforcing steel
  • Light rail sleeper

  7.Pallet car

Consisting of

  • Material of body:  HT250
  • Material of wheel: quenched 45 steel
  • Wear - resistant bump, convenient replacement and maintenance
  • The wheels are sealed with brand bearings


Consisting of

  • Material HT250
  • The inner wall of the casing is processed to ensure the accuracy
  • positioning pin on bottom of the jacket 
  • machined on both sides, to ensure the accurate positioning of the manipulator grasp


Consisting of

  • Material HT250
  • different weight for different casting

The different location of the gate according to the location of the gate


10. Electronic control system

For the automatic operation of molding line, and for the repair and maintenance of interlocking manual operation and non-interlocking installation operation

  • Siemens PLC
  • Human-computer interface c
  • Scale plate
  • Low-voltage electrical components
  • PLC control system
  • Remote control system

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