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Composition structure of automatic molding machine

Composition structure of automatic molding machine

The internal structure of the fuselage: the fuselage is a solid hollow frame structure, formed by 10mm-12mm plate welding technology, and the upper part is mainly connected with the rotating arm through a central shaft, high-strength working pressure and bearings to support the swing between the rotating arm parts. On time and in real time, the arm hooks the body, so that the pressure is absorbed by the body, and the body is bolted together with the shock conjoined mechanism.

Micro-seismic compaction mechanism: The sand box and the pattern are fixed on the working water platform of the molding machine, and the sand mold is compacted by the development of the impact surface of the anvil when the enterprise workbench starts to fall, and the inertia of the sand particles. Using pneumatic spring micro-vibration compaction structure, compaction impact increases vibration. When the mold is released, the clamping cylinder will lock the vibrating cylinder, and the clamping control cylinder will be released when the mold is dropped.

Mould lifting mechanism: The mould lifting structure is composed of mould lifting cylinder, connecting rod, synchronous shaft, mould lifting frame, mould lifting mandrel and so on. When the mold is ejected, the ejection cylinder pushes the standard mold base at the same time, and drags the ejector rods fixed on the ejector frame to rise. The ejector rod touches the sand box or the ejection base plate, so that the sand mold and the model fixed on a working water platform can be Disengaged.

Taking into account the weight of the sand mold and the sand box, this type of equipment is designed for double-cylinder demolding, sharing a hydraulic oil tank, and simultaneously pressurizing oil to the two sets of oil cylinders, which are connected by a set of synchronization devices to ensure that the four mandrels can lift the sand box synchronously.

Sand-pressing swing arm structure: The sand-pressing plate is fixed on the swinging arm that we can rotate. The swinging arm is made of ductile iron castings. The sand-pressing plate and the front screw lifting platform mechanism are fixed on the rotating arm. On the arm, the distance between the indenter and the sand box can be adjusted within a certain time range according to the height of the sand box.


Post time: Mar-29-2021