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Eight advantages of automatic molding machine

Eight advantages of automatic molding machine


1. The molding machine adopts high-precision machinery, microcomputer, and position detection system linkage, which is fully realized, simple to operate, workers can quickly learn to operate, and the machine operation can be viewed by only one person. The molding quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable.

2. The mold replacement design is very simple and convenient, only a few screws are needed, and the student can complete the mold replacement within ten minutes.

3. The hydraulic and electrical control components of the molding machine are all imported, which ensures the stable and reliable operation of the molding machine. Touch the screen to set the parameters, which is very simple and convenient.

4. Using imported rotary code, the operation precision is extremely high.

5.Using China’s advanced hydraulic control system, the action is smooth and the extrusion force is constantly strong, and the sand compactness can reach 85-90

6. The sand box experiment is equipped with vent holes, the exhaust is unobstructed, and there is no dead angle in sand shooting.

7. Sand shooting adopts air knife cutting, air flow development angle and air volume are analyzed and calculated to ensure uniform sand shooting.

8. The blast port is sealed by gas blasting, and the environment is clean and dust-free.

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Post time: Mar-14-2021