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How to improve the accuracy of the automatic molding machine?

How to improve the accuracy of the automatic molding machine?

In order to improve the accuracy of the automatic molding machine, the small spring edges of the parting line are managed and finely processed. The molding machine runs smoothly and reliably, and the hydraulic system drives safe operation. The equipment is equipped with a manipulator, which reduces the high quality and production management efficiency of the enterprise as well as the labor required. Therefore, mold design is very important.

The molding machine has several techniques. Through the extrusion method, the foundry sand is easy to cause flow extrusion during complex manufacturing. These two information technologies are easy to use, but they are not a good way to make molds yourself. In the cold box design method, the size of the mold can be adjusted to reduce the cost of sand molds and binders. The price of sand catalyst is also very high. The higher the bonding ratio of green sand, the lower the efficiency of cold box molding technology.

The current standard method is to use cold box molding methods for castings with complex shapes and sizes. In addition, compared with the sand mold material casting multi-alloy Co., Ltd. enterprise. It can be seen from the core-making operation that due to resin chemistry and innovative boxless molding machines, high-quality castings can be produced at a lower price, which further improves the high production line of pumps and robots, and reduces the number of castings produced at a lower cost. Required labor. Molding machine cold core box core making technology is a major economic development.


Post time: Mar-02-2021