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Molding machines meet the requirements of consumers

Molding machines meet the requirements of consumers

Regardless of whether the production capacity or casting quality of the automatic casting machine can well meet the needs of consumers, the production capacity is stable, the casting is more convenient, and to meet the product needs in customized equipment, some standard conditions need to be met.

Enterprises should choose casting process equipment with low pollution, low emission, low energy consumption and good economy according to the material, variety and batch of casting products, such as molding machines.

In order to improve the quality of castings, it is not suitable for clay sand batch casting enterprises to use manual modeling. Choosing appropriate equipment can effectively improve the quality of castings.

The main functions of the molding machine are: filling, which fills the loose sand into the sand box; compacted sand. Forming machines are widely used in industrial production.

Check whether there is any foreign matter such as iron ballast that hinders the gap between the front and rear plates of the indenter of the automatic molding machine, which can be removed and tested.

Open the two intake pipes behind the pressure head, and the control valves are in place and in respectively, and see if the pipe inlet is large enough. If the pressure head swings slowly, if this is the reason, the control valve can be checked and directly enter the air filter. gas.

There is a cover on the pressure head of the fully automatic molding machine. Open the cover and observe whether the frame is seriously corroded. If such a failure occurs, it will also cause the molding and pressure head to move slowly, and can be cleaned with kerosene or gasoline.

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