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Impact molding machine and Micro-vibration molding machine.

Impact molding machine and Micro-vibration molding machine.

Vibration molding machine can be divided into impact molding machine and micro-vibration molding machine. The sand box and the mold are fixed on the worktable of the molding machine, and the sand mold is compressed by the collision between the worktable and the impact surface of the anvil and the inertia of the sand particles when the worktable falls. This molding machine has serious noise and low density of the upper part of the sand mold, which has been replaced by a microseismic compaction molding machine.

The vibration compaction molding machine compacts the compacted sand mold, and can obtain a compact sand mold from the upper and lower parts. The most commonly used is the micro-shock compaction molding machine. The price of the molding line increases. The production enterprise uses the horizontal worktable to start falling and collides with the floating shock iron, and the micro-shock compacts the molding sand, and then compacts it.


Post time: Apr-22-2022