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Semi-Automatic Pouring Machine

Semi-Automatic Pouring Machine

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Semi-automatic pouring machine is suited for work in semi-automatic mode,guided by operator with joystick.

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Semi-automatic pouring machine is suited for work in semi-automatic mode,guided by operator with joystick. consist of fan-shaped pouring ladle, servo tilting mechanism, longitudinal vehicle rail system, transferring system,control and operation system,safe system, cable device, stream inoculation device, etc. With three freedom of longitudinal travels,transverse travels and tilt pouring , it’s widely used in all kinds of moulding line for grey iron, ductile iron,included flask moulding and none-flask moulding line.
1. Reasonable selection of the center of rotation, easy to operate, basically can be re-created after pouring.
2. The use of double worm gear drive. Although the manufacturing requirements are high, the transmission is flexible and the two-way reversibility is good.
3. The lifting rod is made of forging, which is safer and safer than steel welded parts.
4. The body plate is thicker, and the bottom structure adopts triple insurance with combination of taper, bottom hoop and welding,which prolongs the service life and ensures the safety of the operator.
5, the main body and the boom, reducer and hand wheel, are equipped with a chain card can be locked at any time.
6. The two trunnions and the boom are equipped with self-aligning bearings, and the consistency is good.
Application of Casting foundry ladle
Hot metal ladle for foundry casting operation,after undertaking iron liquid in front of the furnace , send it to the casting model place to pour by driving car.
Ladle for steelmaking plant, foundry in the open hearth furnace, furnace or converter molten steel, casting operation before undertaking..The main features are: rotary center design is reasonable, the two-way reversible well, basic to reset.Turbine two-way transmission type rotary adopts two-way turbine vice transmission, smooth transmission, convenient operation, two-way good consistency.Straight from the lock gear transmission shaft adopts high type, double levels of control friction, self-locking performance is strong, lightweight freely, can be cast by external force slightly, return quick, don't kowtow, the use of safe and reliable.
The ladle is used for casting in the foundry. After the iron is taken in front of the furnace, it is transported to the mold for
Ladle transport: By crane or forklift.

Ladle capacity: 1000kg-2500kg.

Pouring speed: 15-22kg/sec.

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